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Amy's Influences by BrightRedEyes Amy's Influences by BrightRedEyes
I've been wanting to do one of these bad boys for ages and never got around to it. So whilst I was sat in my room with not so much to do, I thought I would do one.

Well what can I say? First of all I absolutely adore anime and manga first of all, it's my main influence so there is a lot of it on there. Some inspire me more than others though. 

Death Note Mostly L really, but can I just say I LOVE OBATA SENSEI'S ART! Seriously all those creases in L's shirt are just umf! Plus thank you manga gods Oba and Obata for creating such an amazing manga. This was the first anime/manga that I really got engrossed in and it really paved the way for all my artwork there on in. It still does :)

Trigun and Rurouni Kenshin These two just really make me wanna draw things! XD

Pokemon Well this was my first actual foray into the world of anime and it was my first inspiration for drawing manga art in general. I've always loved the bright colours in pokemon and that has stuck with me through the years in my art.

Music What person doesn't get inspired by music? Basically anything I listen to inspires me to do art. A lot of my pieces are even named after songs.

Doujinshi art I just love seeing other people's versions of characters. It helps me improve on my way of drawing too.

Pokemon games, Ace Attorney, Ocarina of Time Well games in general inspire me a lot, but these three have inspired me a lot in the past and they still hold very special places in my heart.

Pippin OC form, real life Pippin My bestfriend Pippin (May he live on in my art) has given me lots of inspiration, when I'm bored I'll doodle him or his OC counterpart doing silly things. It helps me to avoid artblock that way.

Mythical creatures Yes, I know that is the unicorn from the Last Unicorn! I do love that film mind you, but the reason I put a unicorn there is I love mythology! Although it doesn't appear a lot in my artwork, it is one thing that really gets my imaginative spark going. 

David Bowie Last but not least, David Bowie. Well he doesn't necessarily inspire my artistic streak either haha He's more of my inspiration for life. I've found that David Bowie didn't care what others thought and he dressed just how he wanted to. It was like he knew he was a weirdo, but he was proud of it. That's exactly what I'm like too. I'm weird but proud :D

Original meme by fox-orian
Blank meme here: Influence Map Template
Possum-Kingdom-L25 Featured By Owner May 27, 2016   Digital Artist
BrightRedEyes Featured By Owner May 27, 2016
Thanks hun :D
Possum-Kingdom-L25 Featured By Owner May 27, 2016   Digital Artist
You're welcome!
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