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June 7, 2012
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BBC Sherlock Meme by BrightRedEyes BBC Sherlock Meme by BrightRedEyes
I've been working on this meme for ages!
It's official I'm obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch now because of this show. He is one hot totty :D

So yeah first panel is self explanatory, I must apologise in advance for all the love hearts in this meme, I just love drawing them everywhere. Even at the most obscure moments it's like "Hey a love heart!" haha

Second panel: I hate Kitty Reilly. She must die. That is all. Sherlock completely pwns her with his Sherlock scan anyway !

For the third panel I was going to put Sherlock and John but not as a romantic pairing. I love their bromance and they have good chemistry as friends but not lovers! I wanted to put a romantic pairing for this one. I love Sherlock and Molly together so I had to use that pic. They should so be an item. I was debating over whether to put Irene/Sherlock but I love Sherlolly much better so it was a no brainer what pairing I'd put there.

For the fourth panel, this one was really easy. I absolutely hate Sally Donovan with a passion so any pairing with her would make me sick. Hence why I used her and Anderson since it's canon.

The fifth panel was a bit more trickier, I was debating over putting Mrs Hudson, Molly Hooper or Greg Lestrade there. Since I'm a real Sherlolly fanatic, I chose Molly because she needs more love.

For the sixth panel my favourite villain is quite obvious, as for the least favourite villain, I had to have somebody who sucked and since everyone does the funny little taxi driver, I chose Shan because she got John mixed up with Sherlock the numpty! Who could mistake someone else for Sherlock? Such an idiot!

The image I got for the seventh panel is priceless! I love Mycroft's dat ass face! haha No sheet Sherlock FTW! :D

I have too many favourite quotes from this show so all of the eighth panel is filled with Sherlock quotes.

I mostly used things I want to see more of in series 3. More naked Sherlock, more Mrs Hudson because she is epic, more John and Sherlock bromance, more epic and sexy disguises, more purple shirt of sex or p.s.o.s. for short and Sherlolly to be canon. I also want more awesome fight scenes and interesting cases to keep us on our toes but I couldn't get any good pictures for those.

And last but not least for the final panel, my sexy Sherlock desktop wallpaper.

The blank meme is here is you want to do it yourself: [link]
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I take it you likey? XD
All hail king Moriarty!
Irrissa-cicero Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I just died of laughter. He's actually got the "Dat ass" face! PRICELESS!!!!!
Indeed XD
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